In the beginning there was Milbro, or at least that’s how it seems sometimes. Milbro Sports has been making airgun pellets for somewhere around 50 years if not longer. No one is quite sure anymore! Generations have grown up using iconic Milbro brands such as Caledonian, and later Select, Twin Ring and Jet.

However, new times call for new products, so Milbro has brought under its wing Ben Taylor Rifles to make some of the finest air rifles available and provide a first class upgrade service for several leading rifle makes. Milbro is also home to the Milbro Huggett Sound Moderator – again one of the finest pieces of engineering around. You’ll find details of both these products and services here on the website and both are available direct to the public. However, please note that Milbro airgun pellets and other accessories are supplied only to the trade.